Monday, April 12, 2010

Rabbit Hunting!

As you may notice from my range of photos; my family and I love to be outdoors! We are always doing something adventurous in my book...including my husband taking me and my son Rabbit Hunting! Yep, we went and we loved it! The day was absolutely perfect....Colten hiked up the hillside and the sun was beaming down as well as the rabbits were out hopping around! I was able to shoot my first two rabbits ever and chris shot a couple and then we hiked back down the hillside and topped off our perfect day with a scenic drive back home! Hope you like my pics!

Easter time....!!!

I just loved Easter time this year. It was great b/c my little man knew what it was all about and he was adorable at the egg hunt! So, my husband and I took Colten to the Sportsmans Warehouse for the annual egg hunt. He had a little basket and he was ready. There were sooo many people there for the hunt that I wasn't sure he was going to get in on the action. They said "Go" and off the children and parents went! It was wild! I got some cute shots of him and I hope that you enjoy!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jennifer and Steve Engagement Shoot...


My first engagement shoot went wonderful! I had some camera errors that I thought were devistating and once i put my pics on the computer....I found that they were actually helpful! ha...I guess we really do learn from our mistakes. So, my bride and groom were super cooperative and I was thankful that they were...I made them do lots of funny things! We went to a park here in the snow...and got some great angles for shots! Even got a few skiiers passing by. I have added some of my favorite shots. Overall, I loved adding color to the snow and the pictures to give them something to stand out. With snow...any sort of color is great to detract from the monochromatics of the picture....I hope you like them!