Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My fancy schmancy Art Class….


      Since this is a new year and like many folks, I have taken on some new ventures for myself.  One of which was to eat better…cleaner if you must say.  I have been doing great so far! I have cut out all of the yucky processed foods like pop tarts and hot pockets! (that wasn't too difficult) I also have widdled my way down from sugar and into a "cleaner" form of sugar….Raw Honey! It's yummy! and better for my body since it is a natural form of sweetener.  So…changes can be slow…but changes are happening and I like how I feel!

     Moving on….

     I joined in with an art class/group and it has been loads of fun! I have really gotten the hang of the "mixed media" and am really starting to like the journaling aspect of it.  Each week, the head ladies give us a prompt and we are to go 'wherever the creative mind wanders'…and boy does mine wander!  I have improved on my art in the 3 short weeks time we have been doing this and it's allowing me to add "sentimental" memories and get it all out into a sketchbook and not in my head or scattered all over my house! I was able to add old postcards, old love letters and 4 leaf clovers that I was saving for over the years.  Now they are all compacted into the pages of my sketchpad! I hope that one day, the boys can look over my sketchpad and see all of my memories.  On that note…here are a few pics….

…simple sketches make a big impact sometimes..

…this was my motto for my night.. the teabag told me so! :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

...what a year...or few that is! eek! I see I haven't been on this blog in quite some time...like 2 years! Here it is 2014 and I am finding myself wanting to update this old horse'! so for all of my 12 followers...here goes! I hope to keep up with it and update it with all of my happenings and then gain more followers! I mean...who wouldn't want to get insight into this crazy family and lifestyle!!! we are a wild bunch! so...having all that said...I will plan for a major comeback into the blog world with this beginning post! (this explaination..is it!) Tons have changed since the last post, but to save us both the hassle...we will leave it at that!
    Have a blessed day and wonderful week and I will begin my updates on the blog and post pictures as well! Starting....now.... !!!  Tootles!