Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My fancy schmancy Art Class….


      Since this is a new year and like many folks, I have taken on some new ventures for myself.  One of which was to eat better…cleaner if you must say.  I have been doing great so far! I have cut out all of the yucky processed foods like pop tarts and hot pockets! (that wasn't too difficult) I also have widdled my way down from sugar and into a "cleaner" form of sugar….Raw Honey! It's yummy! and better for my body since it is a natural form of sweetener.  So…changes can be slow…but changes are happening and I like how I feel!

     Moving on….

     I joined in with an art class/group and it has been loads of fun! I have really gotten the hang of the "mixed media" and am really starting to like the journaling aspect of it.  Each week, the head ladies give us a prompt and we are to go 'wherever the creative mind wanders'…and boy does mine wander!  I have improved on my art in the 3 short weeks time we have been doing this and it's allowing me to add "sentimental" memories and get it all out into a sketchbook and not in my head or scattered all over my house! I was able to add old postcards, old love letters and 4 leaf clovers that I was saving for over the years.  Now they are all compacted into the pages of my sketchpad! I hope that one day, the boys can look over my sketchpad and see all of my memories.  On that note…here are a few pics….

…simple sketches make a big impact sometimes..

…this was my motto for my night.. the teabag told me so! :)

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