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or Both! 

I choose both.  

     Photography is considered both an art form as well as a science.  It takes skill and knowledge of the equipment as well as learning the camera.
  The definition of photography: the art of science and practice of creating images by recording light. 

Guess what??

I am not here to talk about science! I am here for the ART! I am an artist at heart and my background is in art; so I am naturally drawn to creative pieces.  I love to pour my heart into a painting or sketch and naturally I want to do that with my photos as well.

Here are just a few ways to "evoke emotion" within photography. 


Subject Matter



     Color can evoke emotion by being BOLD and FIERCE… If I were to put on that shade of lipstick!!!  Well, my high heels better be matching my lipstick and I expect a nice glass of wine to go with my steak dinner! Yum!!!  
     Including RED within a photo or painting can present the piece with boldness! 

(maybelline ad)

On the other hand…adding blues or greens can evoke the opposite…
This photo is calming and soothing in comparison to the top photo. 

(photo by: Eleaca Young! my fav!) 

Contrast is my next point…
this can be an aggressive element in an image. 
 Contrast shows strength, boldness and ultimately…emotion!
When painting, sketching or photographing; the objective to see the contrast can be crucial.  
Tip* Squint! It allows you to see the HIGHLIGHTS and the LOWLIGHTS of the subject.  

(art instruction blog)

Go ahead…SQUINT! You can't resist! 

You will see the dark shades of the sphere as well as the light on the top half of the sphere. 
 In drawing, you would shade the darker. 
 In photography, you would be paying attention to the light source and where you want that light source to be on your subject.  

(photo credited to Becks)

I know…I know…Another Red Lipstick! But this is a sketch and the contrast is amazing as well as the artist used red to evoke emotion!  A DOUBLE WHAMMY!!

Here is a photo I took of my little guy…I think it evokes emotion by using light for contrast.  

The photo seems to have emotion due to the contrast from light to dark. ..or dark to light.
(whichever way you choose to look)

Having all that said….
We shall have to continue with the other points next time. 
 I hope you go out today and squint! Go ahead and try it!!  (but not while you are driving! Yikes!) 

Squint and see objects for their contrasts as opposed to seeing them as objects only.  See their lightest lights and see their darkest darks and think about that when taking pictures or even sketching! 

How can you give that object/subject matter "emotion"?

Until next time...

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