Monday, December 27, 2010

...We have moved!!!!

I added some shots of me and my best winter garb and a little of the town. My family and I went out for a drive to catch a glimpse of our surroundings. Very nice I must admit...

We have moved from our cozy little town of Wasilla, Alaska to a remote village farther North...We have moved to Kotzebue, Alaska! Yea, it is a much different way of life up here and I hope to have many opportunities for taking photos and bettering my skills! It is winter right now up here in the Arctic Circle and that pretty much means...snow and cold! The daylight has been limited too..I don't see nearly as much of that pretty sunshine we used to see...But it hasn't gotten to me yet...many of my family members are worried! ha, but I have bigger concerns to think about instead of fretting over the lack of sun. We just had our little baby boy number 2, so I have my hands full with unpacking boxes and chasing my two year old and then doing it all while holding baby boy number 2~ but it is fun! We manage to get out every once in a while and do what all good villagers do...check the mail! That's all there is to do in town for the most part! ha...We spend 30 minutes or more to start the truck and scrap the ice and then another 20 minutes getting all the children and myself ready...We then hop in our nice warm truck to drive, 2 minutes away, to check the mail! We then drive back home! ha. All in a days drive!
Since moving...I have had to stock up on some warm weather neccessities. I had to buy myself and nice warm husband insisted..and I am glad he did. Then for christmas, he buys me a super nice warm "Fox" fur trimmed hat! With real fox fur! So I am all geared up for winter...Now if only spring would come!

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