Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Alaskan Inspiration...

Ok, so first of all, I have a wall in my dining room that needs a big piece of artwork. I decided to look around and come up with something to go there. I also happened to notice that on one of my friends' profile on Facebook that someone had posted up a link to this really neat piece of Alaskan art. So i went and looked at it as well and actually liked it! I love the map of Alaska and I also liked that this person used watercolor...my favorite medium..along with lots of other mediums all jumbled together! ha. So, i decided to try it for myself and mimik her picture and add all of my little twists to it as well...

So, I borrowed some watercolor paper from my lovely neighbor and stayed up super late..or early..depending on how you look at it...and then created my artwork for my dining room. I pulled out my old watercolors as well as some acrylics and also some other crazy things...such as, sharpie markers, some salt, some charcoal and some spraypaint! yep...i said all that...ha.

I plan to mount my paper onto some matte board when i get the chance...i had to let the picture dry before i can do that...but i am posting my picture for all to see and with some luck...maybe i can make a skill out of my artwork or just make my dining room wall look better!

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