Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hoonah Vacation!!!!!

So we have been super busy this year and we have been traveling all over the place! We went down to Hoonah, Alaska to visit with family and check out the beach and all the creatures that live there! I took this time to work on some of my photography skills as well as take Uncle Casey's Senior portraits...I rained most of the time and I didn't get many pictures with Casey, but I was able to get a few...
It was a fun and relaxing trip and so I enjoyed it overall....Here are a few ocean creatures that we met along the way....

My absolute favorite is that crab!!!!! he..or she is just adorable!!!! i love it sooo much!

This is a Blenny EEl! My son held this and laughed and kinda cried too! He loves these things!

...and this last picture is a Sea Cucumber and both my sons touched this one! They love their ocean creatures!

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