Friday, May 27, 2011

My super cute prom session....

I had the privilidge to take pictures for one of my good friends for her prom! I was completely in love with how relaxed she was and how wonderufl the shoot turned out! It was sooo much fun and I could tell her to jump and hop and skip and she would do all three at the same time if she could've! I had planned to drag her all over the place and make her pose everywhere! I got to her house and saw all the natural surroundings and all the neat textures that I really didn't need to go anywhere! It was we went around her house and she sat on the amazing rock structures and then she sat in the old truck and then in front of every building there was! I loved the laughter I got from her and overall, I loved how things went. I plan to be back there to shoot her senior portraits and I hope they go as well as her prom pics went!

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