Friday, February 4, 2011

Just a day in the Life...

...So my husband has his weekends and they are great.. It's a chance for us to hang out together and have fun. Usually, he likes to go out on his snowmobile and hunt things or just ride...when the boys are bigger...I plan on taking over!

...The typical morning goes by...we sleep in late, Colten stays up all morning and plays and watches cartoons. I fall half asleep with Carsen on the couch while dad gets the entire king sized bed to himself for the morning! nothing new...

...He says that he is going fox hunting...ok, "good luck" blah, blah, blah..."love ya" and out the door he goes.

A few hours husband rings the doorbell (at which, he knows drives me crazy) and he is standing with a nice and furry fox! yay! he was so proud...then the fun begins! If you know my husband and you know me...he says to me..."i'm going to skin it in the kitchen..." and i say..." no" and he says, " yea, go get me a board to put down" and before i realize it...i have already gotten the board and the whole thing is set up...i really am gullable for that man! (i will have to blog about our crazy stories sometime...)

...So then he begins to skin the fox out in the kitchen floor and the boys are just watching...and I mangaged to get pictures of the whole process...

I hope to get with some of the ladies here in town and learn to make some sweet clothing items like mittens or hats or even a parka! Mostly i am thinking of making some sweet mukluks...slippers...for the boys and myself!

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